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What is a Podenco?

A Podenco is a breed of hunting dog originating from Spain. They are an athletic and agile breed, and are highly intelligent dogs. Podencos can make fantastic pets and they have plenty of personality!

Why do Podencos need our help?

Podencos are used as hunting dogs in Spain & the Canary Islands, the hunters view their dogs as “tools” and many practise cruel, out dated training to get the dogs ready to hunt. This leads to injured, sick and traumatised podencos flooding the shelters at the end of hunting season. Traditionally they are not viewed as pets and so they struggle to find homes in Spain. This is why we work to draw attention to their plight and bring them to loving homes in the UK.

Is a Podenco right for you? 

Probably! Every dog is different and there are hundreds in need of homes. Podencos come in all shapes and sizes and their personalities vary. A podenco (like any dog) is a big commitment, they need plenty of exercise, mental stimulation and patience, remember many of the dogs have never lived with humans before. They quickly learn to love us though!

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“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”

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