Balto 2



About Balto 2

This beautiful Canario pup was saved at death's door by our friends at Granada. Found emaciated, anaemic, dehydrated and with a huge parasite load, they got him off the street and we said we'd help with whatever it took to get him well. As you can see he obviously knows the people who saved him are angels and all he wants to do is have cuddles and play. Despite Balto's poor health when they got him, he has tested clear for all Mediterranean diseases and with good food, vitamins and vet treatment, his blood count is slowly returning to normal levels. Balto's malnutrition (probably from birth) has led to a loss of calcium in the bones in one foot, so he has a limp, but the vet reckons there is no pain and he gets about perfectly. Balto's life is already a thousand times better, lets show him how good a forever sofa is.

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