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Olga is with APROP, one of the Spanish shelters we work with. Here is what the volunteers there have to say about her. Olga is a 2 year old Podenco. After the first chapter of Olga’s life causing significant trauma for her, she has been in rehabilitation and is now ready for her forever home. Olga loves all other dogs, and it is crucial that she is adopted to a home with at least one other friendly and confident dog. Olga has a gorgeous character and temperament to match her physical beauty. She’s a heartwarmingly beautiful soul. Olga is used to living in a home environment and is house trained. Olga needs an experienced adopter, with kindness and patience, allowing her to learn that new people will not hurt her so that she can flourish in confidence. Olga is a young active girl, with her whole life ahead of her and is ready to start her forever chapter.

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